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Lapdance 4 a.k.a Dub Radio 183 (Rap & Hip-Hop) 2019

February 18, 2019


  1. Rene Double – Dubtro
  2. Tona & Kayo – Televised
  3. Boogie Feat. Eminem – Rainy Days
  4. Merkules & Dax – Noise
  5. Evil Ebenezer – Never Die
  6. Rochester – Lullabye
  7. Ivason Black Feat. Tafari Anthony – She Don’t Wanna
  8. Redman & Jayceeoh a.k.a 1000Volts – Dab Feat. Kid Capri
  9. Gee wunder & Set2 – Differently Still
  10. DJ Nu-Mark & Method Man – Zodiac Killah
  11. Def3 – Fill Your Soul
  12. Swizz Beatz Feat. Lil Wayne – Pistol On My Side
  13. Dan-e-o Feat. Mathematik & Deuce Deuce – Rap Essentials (Sergent Remix)
  14. DJ Kay Slay Feat. Young Buck, Uncle Murda, Don Q, Trick Trick & Tony Yayo – Danger
  15. Dan-e-o Feat. Fraction & Cable – 20 Years Later (Sergent Remix)
  16. Meek Mill Feat. Drake – Going Bad (Spryte Remix)
  17. Divo Feat. D.O. Gibson & Chris Jackson – Victory Lap (Pro-Logic Remix)
  18. Ghostface Killah Feat. Snoop Dogg, L.A.D & E-40 – Saigon Velour (Bronze Nazareth Remix)
  19. Fortunato – Made It Real (R DUB L Remix)
  20. Merkules – Ammo
  21. CZARFACE & Ghostface Killah – Iron Claw
  22. Vinnie Paz Feat. DJ Muggs – Floating Goat
  23. Royce Da 5’9” – Cocaine
  24. SnowGoons Feat. Nems, Ill Bill & Sicknature – Goon Infantry
  25. Ice Cube – Streets Shed Tears
  26. Big Boi Feat. Backbone & Killer Mike – Return Of The Dope
  27. Logic – Keanu Reeves
  28. Drake – I’m upset (Trayze Street Sweeper Riddim blend)
  29. Meek Mill Feat. Rick Ross & Jay-Z – What’s Free
  30. Classified – Beastie Boy
  31. Wiz Khalifa Feat. Preme & Trippie Red – Alright
  32. Lil Windex – Broke Hoes
  33. Lil Windex – Hi Tory (Tory Lanez Diss)
  34. Merkules – Story Lanez (Tory Lanez Diss)
  35. Rene Double - outro

Shout outs include : UtilityMD, Lyndon9, crystal tilly, Rezamahmoodi1121, Brandon, Brody, pain, Kris’s Ross, divo, pro logic, dferguson, Dylan fleury, Chris foster, CMbelHumeur, Scooby, jcoxy273 TYE CARSON, Daniel Higgins, kales Moses, Michael Kirkpatrick, Emily Harrison, jay Nelson, renald, Jordan hinchberger, Tristen Andrews.

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