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Friday Night Fallout with Keith & Nate Featuing DJ R DUB L (Ep #3) 2021(DIRTY VERSION)

May 1, 2021


  1. Evidence Feat Rass Kass & Raekwon – The Red Carpet
  2. Evidence & Ras Kass Friday Night Fallout Drop
  3. Pace won – I Declare War
  4. M.O. Littles Feat. Merkules & Tek Luciano – Hands Down (R DUB L Remix)
  5. Onyx Feat. Snak The Ripper, D-Rec & SickFlo – Hard Shit
  6. Burrowz Feat. Pacewon & Rose of Sharon – I Ain’t No Rookie (R DUB L Remix) exclusive
  7. DMX – Born Loser (1993! First Mainstream song)
  8. DMX – Freestyle (R DUB L Remix) Prod. By FilthyRich exclusive
  9. Onyx & DMX – Shifftee (R DUB L Remix) exclusive
  10. Onyx – Shifftee (R DUB L Remix 2) exclusive
  11. Gee Wunder Feat. Imperial & Mezziah – Rumours (R DUB L Remix)
  12. R DUB L KRCL DROP (bunch combined)
  13. Ethiks – Fallin (R DUB L Remix) Prdo. By Filthyrich
  14. Gabino Grhymes - OWED