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Flav’r LIVE! a.k.a Dub Radio 179 (Indie Rock & Jazz Noir) 2018

March 31, 2019


This charming mix comes straight outta Saskatchewan kicking you in the face with amazing LIVE Music! All these incredible HITS where recorded at the WORLD FAMOUS Flav’r Country! This Live Venue has superior acoustics and It’s a special place that many hold close to there heart. Like a LAZER in the sky this venue will light up your life with amazing MUSIC and covers of Classics too!

  1. Rene Double - Intro
  2. Zonnis – Flavr Ranch
  3. Slow Leaves & Micah Erenberg – Telling The Truth
  4. Micah Erenberg – Shackles & Chains
  5. Kakagi – Hindsight
  6. Bridget Panych – 1 Man show
  7. Flavr Ranch Blues Band – Magic Carpet Ride (Cover)
  8. Sam Tudor – Truth
  9. Samson Delilah – In The Winter
  10. Fortune Killers – Monster
  11. Casati – Monsters
  12. Tennyson King – Passing Through
  13. Kasia Thorlakson – Hey Amanda
  14. Mike Kerr – Nine Inch Nails (Cover)
  15. Kevin Roy – Same Old Sky
  16. Shirley Gnomes – Old Man
  17. Odder Then Otters – These Boots Are Made For Walking (Cover)
  18. Piper Hayes – Four Leaf Clover
  19. Casati – 6 String Goddess
  20. Rene Double - Intro
  21. Micah Erenberg – Jesus In L.A.
  22. Piper Hayes – Save Some For Yourself
  23. Slow Leaves & Micah Erenberg – Falling Apart
  24. Billie Zizi – I Watch The Sun
  25. Flavr Ranch Blues Band – Ophelia (Cover)
  26. Odder The Otters - Roll Over Beethoven (Cover)
  27. Piper Hayes – Ring Of Fire (Cover)
  28. Dylan Cooper – Living Hard, Is Living Easy
  29. Carolyn Mark – You Not A Whore If No Ones Paying
  30. Carly Dow – Call My Name
  31. In To Deep – Sweet Home Alabama (Cover)
  32. Tennyson King - Coast
  33. Kevin Mitchel – UNTITLED
  34. Zonnis – Coco loco
  35. Kasia Thorlakson – Watch Out Amanda
  36. Oldspeed – Again
  37. Bird City – Bird City
  38. Campbell Woods – Love This Game (Cover)
  39. Micah Erenberg – Root Beer
  40. RoadWaves – Stronger
  41. Bobby Dove – Morris The Rocket (Cover)

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