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Dub Radio Episode 178 a.k.a K DUB Volume 2 (Rap & Hip-Hop) 2018

January 11, 2019


This second instalment of The K DUB series has DJ R DUBL Mixing Classic K Town Legends With New artist in the Waterloo and surrounding areas. Rapper/Producer extraordinaire Pro-Logic has Remixes and verses on this mix, with Toronto Legend Daneo! With a few T dot legends gracing the podcast, This well produced mixtape is full of K DUB talent!! Don’t sleep on the K DUB mixtape, remember its “R DUB, FROM THE K DUB” because K DUB is also known as Kitchener and that is Rene Doubles Home Town.

  1. Rene Double - Dubtro
  2. Divo Feat. D.O. Gibson & Chris Jackson – Victory Lap (R DUB L Remix)
  3. C. Feat KTF – 90.500 (Produced by Pro-Logic)
  4. Suspect Feat. Ren Thomas, Ghetto MC, Burke the Jurke, Maine Da Medicine & Adlib – Sensi Cypher
  5. Notorious B.I.G – Machine Gun Funk (Pro-Logic Remix)
  6. Dan-E-O Feat. Pro-Logic & Cable – 20 Years Later
  7. Tatit Garrett – Balance
  8. Divo Feat. D.O. Gibson & Chris Jackson – Victory Lap
  9. Cable – Breath Of Fresh Air
  10. Rugasteady – Shots Boom
  11. Thrust – Let’s Go (Pro-Logic Remix)
  12. Esco Raps Feat. Emcee Loud & V’Shawty – Body Language
  13. Justin Credible – Better Then yesterday
  14. Dub J Feat. JD ERA – Drop Top
  15. Pro-Logic – Take away
  16. Vonte – Matter Of Fact (Produced by Vonte)
  17. Divo – The World Is Mine
  18. Sharky Feat. Ivason black – Demons (Pro-Logic Remix)
  19. Vonte – Sixth Sense
  20. Suspect Feat. Apathy & Big Gat – Gone Now
  21. Esco Raps – Buzzworthy
  22. Esco Raps – Hater$
  23. Dibo – Souled Out
  24. Divo – Lonely Life (Prod by Atwell)
  25. Dub J Feat. Mystic & Miranda – Painkiller
  26. Dub J Feat. Peter Jackson – Make Believe
  27. Dub J Feat. Choclair – No
  28. Sense – You Don’t Know (Produced by SpeakerBangerz)
  29. FreshChanges – Fake Love Freestyle
  30. Esco Raps Feat. Shane Sparkz – On The Rise
  31. Junior Don – Fax machine
  32. Vonte – Never Been (Produced by Vonte)
  33. Esco Raps – Bonafide
  34. Fresh Changes – Ride Alone
  35. Rene Double – Outro

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