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Dub Radio Episode 159 a.k.a K Dub Mix (Rap & HipHop) 2018

August 4, 2018


This #epic entry in the #DubRadio legacy finds all the music coming from Ontario Canada, mostly Kitchener & Waterloo area with 5-1-9 features! Being That the K Dub a.k.a. Kitchener Waterloo, where Rene Double a.k.a DJ R DUB L’s hometown is located. This Special Edition mix has over 20 years of K Dub legends! Crews that had beef back in the day now sharing the same podcast with nothing but love. Seeing That I came from 1 side of a beef 20 years ago and now being friends with both sides and only focusing on uplifting each other.

Special Thanks to Esco Raps for the Exclusives! Don’t forget to check out my HOT song with Toronto heavy Weight Sayzee!! Plus 6 other R Dub L Remixes only on this Episode.


  1. Rene Double - Dubtro
  2. Sayzee & Esco Raps – Nightmare On DUB Street (Remix)
  3. Esco Raps & Carriee – Me Gusta
  4. Divo – El Ray (R DUB L Remix)
  5. 92Rare – In My Head
  6. Esco Raps & Kid Cruz – Verified
  7. Dibo & Maximillian – Magic
  8. FreshChanges – Run A Check
  9. Suspect Feat. Slaine, Northern Minded & Rite Hook – Won’t Wait Around
  10. Dan-e-o Feat. Thrust, Maestro Fresh Wes, Eternia & Big Kish – League Of Legends (Banga Remix)
  11. Junior Don – Might Be
  12. Sharky – Some Things Stay The Same
  13. Sharky Feat. Ivason Black – Demons (Prod by Know-It-Beats)
  14. Tait Garrett – Focus
  15. Divo Feat. D.O. & Tanisha – The One (R DUB L Remix)
  16. Cable – Sickness
  17. 92Rare – Os
  18. Cable – Runaway
  19. Suspect Feat. King Magnetic & Sunny Diesel – Everyone Dies
  20. FreshChanges – City Rock
  21. Justin Credible Feat. Rufus & Choclair - #ThisDream
  22. Dirty Doc – I’m Cursed
  23. Ivason Black – Pop Star (Produced by Know-it)
  24. Junior Don – Velour SweatSuit
  25. Rare92 – Henny Stains (R Dub L Remix)
  26. Ivason Black – Automatic Feeling (Pro Logic Remix)
  27. Dirty doc – Solo (Unreleased)
  28. Esco Raps – Mind On Mine
  29. Rajan & Tory Lanez – Maybe (R DUB L Remix)
  30. Fraction & Finsta – Put In Time
  31. Sense – #GetItAll
  32. Ironic – Who We Be (R Dub L Remix)
  33. Dibo – True
  34. Esco Raps – Polygraph
  35. KaKa – Siri (R Dub L Remix)
  36. Cable & Fraction – Napalm
  37. Esco Raps – Culture Vulture (Robbie G Diss)
  38. Rene Double – Booking Info & Shout Outs

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