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Dub Radio Episode 153 (Underground Rap & Hip-Hop) 2018

April 13, 2018


47 intense bangers, light up this #Hard Mix of Hip-Hop & Rap brought to you by Canada's Illest Rene Double a.k.a DJ R DUB L. WORLD PREMIER! OFFICAL NEW GEE WUNDER entitled "Colossal" don't sleep on that dope flow and dirty beats. The Toronto Anthem "Come Outside" by K Money is here finally!! Sean Pane bring a sick record to this mix with a sample all Hip-hop heads would know. Co Host of the Toronto show @WeLoveHipHop Friday brings his #bars with feature T. Grammz who has 2 features on this Podcast. Mic Boogie and Ironic have EXCLUSIVE Remixes only heard here on Dub Radio! Tory Lanes brings out the big guns with Classic New York Rapper Fabolous for an instant CLASSIC! The Track Listing is as follows

  1. Sean Pane – Bring It Back (Produced by K Sizzle)
  2. Robin Banks – Slums
  3. Scotty IV – Call Of Duty (Produced by Prezident Jeff)
  4. Killy – Very Scary
  5. Childhood – Kombat (Produced by OSCR)
  6. Lil Skies & Landon Cube – Red Roses
  7. PriceDaBoss & K Money - #Bitcoins (Produced by 220onDaBeat)
  8. Zach Zoya – Who Dat
  9. Tory Lanez Feat. Paloma Ford, Davo & Fabolous – Connection
  10. Killy – No Sad No Bad
  11. Big Lean & Giggs – Hermes
  12. Super – Super Clean
  13. Bizz Loc – Set Trippin Remix
  14. Lias – Once (Produced by Laffey)
  15. Fridainite & Peter Jackson – Twix
  16. Friday & T-Gramz - Rainmaker
  17. Blockboi Twitch – Problems
  18. K Money – Come Outside
  19. Deuce Deuce & Young Noble Edidon – Born In It
  20. FalconCrest Feat. Wyze Wonda – Holy Ghost (Produced by Chris Prythm)
  21. Bizz Loc – Errr God
  22. NAV – Freshman List
  23. Theology 3 – Mild Braggadocio
  24. Tona – The Sheild
  25. K Money & Yung Troy – Hurt You
  26. Mic Boogie Feat. MT Clips, Set 2, Dynamic, Staalin & Mark Jordan – Body Bags (Exclusive R DUB L Remix)
  27. Scrap Gang – Live Without It
  28. Great Grinzo – You Know
  29. Hezi- Hot Boy
  30. Cvss & Peter Jackson – 40k
  31. Everything O Shaun – Running Lights
  32. Blanco Oro – Everyday
  33. Don Milly – They Don’t Wanna
  34. Clairmont The Second – Tortoise
  35. Dillian Ponders – Outside (Produced by BVB)
  36. Nki Louise – Eyelids
  37. Gee Wunder Colossal (Produced by CY On The Beat)
  38. The Sorority – SRTY
  39. Kyle Wildfern – Oops (Produced by Chris Rose)
  40. NUE – Deadman (Produced by TT Audi & 808 Mafia)
  41. Jigsaw – Stressed Out
  42. Yung Troy – Dojo
  43. Scrap Gang – We Good
  44. Awol Feat. T Grammz & Tommy Spitz – Neck Of The Woods
  45. Memphis & Magnum Santos – 24Hrs
  46. Rene Double – Booking Info Shout Outs
  47. Ironic & Junior Reid – Maybe I Was Wrong (R DUB L Remix)

SHOUT OUTS IN THIS EPISODE: DJ Hoffa, DJ Street Vybz, Chris Foster, Brandon, Chris Pain, Darcy Allan, Dylan Fleury, David Illott, Spinz, Dominic White, We Love Hip Hop, Richard Keys, The S.A.R.S Network & UpTop Hip-Hop.

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