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Dub Radio Episode 145 a.k.a Doh-Ski (Rap & Hip Hop) 2018

March 11, 2018

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Regina, Saskatchewan born bred artists DOH-SKI bring's his special rhymes to present you special tale of New Rap dynasty. Doh-Ski is a young Cat who has been making music for just under two years now, in this time he’s worked with greats such as Madchild, J-Swift, Cam Meekins, and many more. As a kid Doh-Ski fell into a life of drug using and drug dealing, from age 11 he was smoking weed and from age 15 doing cocaine and ecstasy, his biological father Don was the first one to give him cocaine, he was instantly lost in the drug for years, 4 years to be exact. Doh-Ski eventually realized this isn’t the life he wanted to live anymore and searched for a new way to live, he found it within the NA program and sobriety, shortly after being sober he started making music as it was his child hood dream to be a rapper, today, those dream are coming true along with a strong message to the youth, Doh-Ski often says “You don’t gotta fuck your life up like I did” Track Listing: 01. Introduction 02. Magical 03. Not A Game 04. C (ocaine) F (aded) 05. Drugs Kill 06. Happy Brother 07. Like I’m 08. Talking Bout U 09. Young N In Love (Dumb & On Drugs) 10. EP 1 11. Letter To Me 12. EP 3 13. DAngerious 14. Rest of Me 15. Substation 16. Increments 17. Haunting Me 18. Just Some Thoughts 19. Pinocchio 20. EP 4 21. JP 22. Boom Bap (Bonus Track) 23. Z Boys Feat. Spinz, Madchild & J-Swift of Pharcyde (Bonus Track) Please support Doh-Ski and buy his material! Thank you for listening to #dubRadio for more shows check out www.DJRDUBL.com Please like, share & Subscribe on Google Play Store & itunes!!