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Dub Radio 197 a.k.a K-Dub Mix Volume 2 (Rap & Hip-Hop) 2019

December 30, 2019


  1. DJ R DUB L – Got Money Dubtro
  2. Richie Sosa – Proppa (R DUB L Remix)
  3. Mezziah – Stereotypical (R DUB L Remix)
  4. Dub J & Young Stitch Feat. JD ERA – Big Things
  5. Dibo – When I’m Gone
  6. Diztrikt Apolo – Stutty II
  7. Dub J & Merkules – 48 Bars Freestyle (Prod. by Dub J)
  8. ES Feat. DJ Rukkus – Listen (Prod. by Sir Williams)
  9. ES Feat. Lee Reed & Fortunato – Armchair Everythings (Prod. by DJ QVP)
  10. Divo Feat. Pro-Logic, Justin Hamilton & Rufus – Never Let You Go (R DUB L Remix)
  11. Ethiks – 44 Bars
  12. 92Rare – Morning Puke (Prod. by REPO)
  13. ES Feat. Fraction, Lee Ricks, Ed Rowe, Shark, Migs, NIL7 One & Jordel Downz – Internet Rappers (Prod. by Bertie Dugger)
  14. Ethiks – So Long
  15. Esco Raps – Brooklyn Freestyle
  16. Dan-e-o – Vertebrae (R DUB L Remix)
  17. Fresh Changes – Watch What I Do
  18. Divo & Rufus – So much More (R DUB L Remix)
  19. Ivason Black – Chocolate Cake (R DUB L Remix)
  20. Diztrikt Apolo – Paranoia
  21. KG – Calm Before The Storm (R DUB L Remix)
  22. Shark & Young Stitch – Call Me Daddy (R DUB L Remix)
  23. Divo & Spectacular – Loyalty
  24. Esco Raps – Savage Freestyle
  25. Dub J Feat. Mystic & Miranda – Painkiller
  26. Ethiks – Intentions
  27. Esco Raps – Culture Vulture (Robbie G Diss R DUB L Remix)
  28. 92Rare – BadVibes

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