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Dub Radio 167 a.k.a Queen City Beats Volume 2 (Rap & Hip-Hop) 2018

October 28, 2018


This HOT New episode of Canada’s illest Podcast #Dubradio featuring all Canadian artists and mostly acts from the Queen City a.k.a Regina Saskatchewan with surrounding areas of course. Don’t sleep on this Sask306 mix, featuring so many GOOD EMCEES! This Queen City Beats Volume 2 Podcast was created to showcase the HEAVY talent in Regina and surrounding area! Its got an incredible lineup that will keep you listening till the very end.

  1. Rene Double – Dubtro
  2. Buggy Bennett Feat. Doh-Ski – Crazy
  3. Doh-Ski – Retching
  4. Brothers Grim – Ends Meat
  5. Rayne Drop Feat. Pat Grim & Lord Juco – Bending Truths
  6. Def3 Feat. JBF & Mystic – Carry On (prod. by Late Night)
  7. Jayce Feat. Lil Villian – Coast To Coast
  8. Doh-Ski – All State
  9. Dekoy Sacredscipts – Forever Changing
  10. I.A – Admission (Prod. by Sndrome)
  11. Brannon & Pelle – Someone Getting Shot! (Prod. by WhoDunnit)
  12. Lil Villain – Freedom
  13. Lil Villain Feat. Brannon & DeFint – Make Me Made
  14. Tommy IllTrigger – Here Lies
  15. Lifelines – R.I.P Cupid
  16. R2K – Hip-Hop Committed
  17. Oliver Spitts – Float’n
  18. Creation – Say I’m Lost
  19. YouNeak – Zone (Prod. by GNORVNCE)
  20. Jesse Vendetta – Anxious/Her (Prod by Josh Petruccio)
  21. Tory Haze Feat. Jhay Muney - A LOT (Prod by CashMoney AP)
  22. Buggy Bennett – Mrs. Toxic
  23. Joey Styles Feat. Yellowsky & Carsen Gray – Dos & Donts
  24. Big Mo – Spiritual Awakening
  25. Crabstyle – See Shells
  26. BrownCanShine – Don’t Leave
  27. Brothers Grim Feat. Mike Lozinski – Never Change
  28. Oliver Spitts – Rotation
  29. BrownCanShine Feat. K Niggz – Vamonos
  30. Pimpton Feat. Rich The Kid – Boppers
  31. UMXY – Four Seasons Lobby
  32. Shreddy Feat. Segzy The Danger – Money Talks
  33. Ed Plank – Loose Screw (Prod. By Ed Plank)
  34. BG Lang – Ain’t Mine
  35. Perfect Color a.k.a Hobs & Tank – Mic Controller Feat. Cuts by DJ Rob Fayder
  36. Big Pred – Canadian Classic
  37. Dayda Banks – Early Mornings
  38. Sask Savage, Gucci Brady, Creation & K Niggz – Fucking Faded
  39. Illano Feat. Time2 Salute – Take My Pain
  40. Tokeys – Level Grinding
  41. Dekoy Sacredscripts – Chasing Dreams
  42. Jhay Muney Feat. Tony Haze – Coupes
  43. J Heavy306 – Rythmatic (Prod by Kid Ocean)
  44. Rene Double – Outro Shout Outs.

Shout Outs Included: Doh-Ski, K.I.A, DJ StreetVybz, Buggy Bennett, Crystal Tilly, PaIN, Brannon, Lil Villian, Brothers Grimm, BG Lang, Joel, Big Pred & Oliver Spitts.

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