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Dub Radio 160 (Rap & Hip-Hop) 2018

July 17, 2018


Underground Hip-Hop bangers is really an understantement, this Dub Radio is full of exclusive content and tracks that will have you saying this is 100% Canadian? Really? Central canada is wqhere this music helms from, saskatchewan to be exact. Many of these up and coming Rappers are located in Regina Canada. 

This mix features Rene Double mixing Canadian content with a Dub Radio flavor. Many Years ago I was fortunbite to have a young emcee come to me with an idea and rap concepts. Today we call this powerhouse artist DOH-SKI he's from regina Canada and has 5 features on this podcast alone. 

Another new artist that DJ R DUB L is working with is BG Lang also from Regina but he is only 14 years old. I started to notice this incredible artist when they won the "So You TYink You Can Rap" contest! His delivery is solid and his Bars are really dope. You can here BG on 3 records on this mix. Including the EXCLUSIVE "Nightmare on Dub Street" Featuring DOH-SKI & Esco Raps from Kitchener Ontario, That's R Dub's hometown. 

  1. Rene Double – Sask Dubtro
  2. Doh-Ski – Take Notes
  3. Mark Donovan & Doh-Ski – Lost My Mind
  4. Tony Haze & Jhay Muney – Rockstar
  5. Buggy Bennett – Selfish
  6. Danger, Shreddy, Bonfice, Zovah & Clement Lights– Money On Me
  7. Doh-Ski Feat. MadChild, J-Swift & Spinz – Z Boys
  8. I.A – Ventilate
  9. J-Heavy – Spector (Produced by Kenneth English)
  10. BG Lang – Meth Talk Freestyle
  11. Dayda Banks – The World In 2018
  12. Brothers Grim - Beverly Boys
  13. Def3 Feat. Del The Funky Homosapin, Moka Only & The Gaffe – Small World
  14. Kwame Dolo Feat. Pimpton – Been That Nigga
  15. Pimpton – High Now (Produced by Tap Riley)
  16. Jhay Muney Feat. Tony Haze – Coupes
  17. Shreddy – Energy
  18. Bonfice & Clement Lights – R.I.P
  19. Gem$tarr Feat. Hypnotiq – RareBreed
  20. Undefeated Music Feat. Jhay Muney – Rico
  21. Filth The Enabler – I’m Dead Filth
  22. Yellowsky – Outer Limitz
  23. Dirty Poncho & Chubby K – Gnosis
  24. Buggy Bennett – Legend
  25. Predator Feat. D-Stackz – Stack Money
  26. YouNeak – Balance (Produced by VizulBeatz)
  27. Southsiders – Drugs
  28. Shreddy – One Shot
  29. Doh-Ski – Boom Bap
  30. Cquel – Have You Heard (R DUB L Remix)
  31. Cquel – King
  32. Southsiders Feat. Mathew Baumgartner – Suicide Note
  33. Merv & Gotti – There Are Things I’ll Remember Too
  34. BrownCanShine – Tattoos
  35. Cquel – Have You Heard (R DUB L 2nd Verse Remix)
  36. Brothers Grim Feat. Cquel & Drew Pete – 96
  37. R2K Feat. Pat Grim – 911
  38. Brannon & Pelle – Ninja Bricks (Produced by Sadhu Gold)
  39. BG Lang – Ninety Seven
  40. Step Baller – Working Hard
  41. Loo$e Chains – Line-Girl
  42. Rene Double – Shout Outs & Booking Info
  43. Rene Double Feat. Esco Raps, Doh-Ski & BG Lang – Nightmare On Dub Street Pt.3 (Exclusive)

Shout outs

Free body, Aydan, Brick Bruce, doh-ski, tristen andrews, zack haas, dan sherven, pain, Brandon, Clayton, bg Lang, Bryan and Erin, Nurcan, brothers grim, Keenan, Brannon, sly man, Colton, Tamara, Eddie Mathew Mcrae, Russell eddy, ashley Aubrey, Becky, Crystal tilly, natsie crystal, frank chriss, Ivason black, josh selbel, Abdul, mike Gatto, Richie Sefo, kevin Roy, Joel, Mariah tilly, matey patey, mehmet.

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