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BG Lang - Dub Radio 2018

August 3, 2018


This local Dub radio episode features a 14-year-old young emcee named BG Lang! He’s bringing you Bars and punch lines that leave you wanting more!! With an exclusive record also featuring Regina’s own Doh-Ski.

  1. DJ R DUB L - Dubtro
  2. BG Lang Feat. Yarlston – Ninety Seven
  3. BG Lang – Mobbin
  4. BG Lang – Sippin & Trippin’
  5. BG Lang – Ain’t Mine
  6. BG Lang & Doh-Ski – Nightmare On Dub Street Part 3
  7. BG Lang – Life Wit Mistakez
  8. BG Lang – It Might Sound Crazy
  9. BG Lang – Max & Ruby
  10. BG Lang – W.D.T.L.U.T
  11. BG Lang – But Your Sorry
  12. BG Lang – Give It To You
  13. BG Lang – Meth Talk
  14. BG Lang Feat. Yarlston – 156
  15. BG Lang – Dance A Thon
  16. BG Lang – Runnin

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